Folk songs that are a product of oral tradition; it has been the word and enunciative of pains, joys, longings and separations of Turkish society. Throughout history this oral productions reflected the thoughts of the society like a mirror. In addition of this, folk songs are unique products in which the Turkish language use of the society is revealed in its simplest form. At the same time, the area where folk songs are handled and neglected the least is the linguistic field.

In the study prepared to eliminate this deficiency, fifty (50) folk songs selected from Merdan GUVEN's "On Bin Yılın Turkusu" and "Kırık Sazın Turkusu" were examined in four parts: “Nouns”, “Verbs”, “Wordgroups” and “Nouns According to Their Subjects”. “Maxims”, “Idioms” and “Borrowed Words” are included in “Nouns”. In work, it is aimed to reveal the rich cultural accumulation and vocabulary of folk texts.

In this article, it is aimed to evaluate the findings in detail with the thesis prepared in line with the aforementioned goals and methods. The acquired information was evaluated by scanning and sampling method; the findings were supported by tables and graphs.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Ballad, folk song, vocabulary, culture, language.